Rolling Start


Small guide about rolling start

1. Start

After the lights come on, the competitors slowly start from their places one after the other. Overtaking is not allowed, the player must stick to the driver in front of him. The leader determines the pace of forming lap, the rest of the competitors must adapt.

2. Formation lap

The competitors form two lines, it is forbidden to overtake others during the formation lap. If any of the competitors fall off the track, it is possible to take his position if he was in front of us. A driver who has fallen back rejoins at the end of the grid.  During the formation lap, the leader determines the pace at which we take turns, but the pace cannot be too slow (below 30km/h) or too fast (above 130 km/h).

During the forming lap it is forbidden to wave, maneuver left to right unexpectedly, however, you can warm up the tires by braking harder, however, the competitor must make sure that the vehicle behind him is far enough (in the last sector of the track there may no longer be room for such things). Excessive brake testing is not recommended as it may cause a collision.

The leader cannot suddenly slow down the stakes during the formation lap and then accelerate to gain an advantage. The driver in the second position should be about half the length of the car behind the leader, or more (leveling with the leader is prohibited)


3. Start of the race

The start of the race is announced by the server with the message "Green flag! Race Start! Go go go!".

When this message appears, the race begins and you can now overtake other drivers.


Rolling Start

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