Racing regulations


  1. General terms
    1. Republic of Simracers (ROS) is a virtual simracing league.
    2. By definition, ROS is a league that is free to participate in. Costs that are required to maintain the servers, are paid by sponsors and non obligatory donations. Optional donations can unlock additional features, such as team participation or custom skins.
    3. Connecting your Steam account with ROS webpage means that you accept the rules that are contained within this document.

  2. Definitions
    1. Republic of Simracers(ROS) – name of the league.
    2. Founder – owner of the discord rank, responsible for running the league and dealing with any high level decision making.
    3. Administration – people chosen by Founder, that help running the league and making league decisions. In the event of long-term (day or more) absence of a Founder, the decisions made by Administration (moderators, counsel etc.) are binding as if they were made by the Founder.
    4. Drivers – participants of the ongoing race season.
    5. Supporters – people present on Discord server that are not partaking in the ongoing race season.
    6. Pre-qualifying – pre-race session in which the drivers are required to carry out the required number of valid laps to be able to participate in the official league race.
    7. Stewards – people responsible for judging over the incidents reported by drivers.
    8. Season – time span in which drivers are able to participate in league races, with preordained cars on scheduled tracks.
    9. Time – Every mention of time in the rules or our website refers to Central European Time (CET/CEST) unless otherwise stated.

  3. Rules of league entry
    1. Everyone is allowed to register in the league, providing that the participant is 16 years old or older. Anyone below age 16 must have parent’s consent to sign up to the league.
    2. People that are not barred by the Founder/Administration to participate in the league, are allowed to take part in it.
    3. It is forbidden (but not limited) to:
      1. Register other accounts than the original one in order to bypass a ban that was given out by the Founder/Administration.
      2. Drive under someone else's name during any official session, including, but not limited to pre-qualifying session, qualifying session and race.
      3. Modify mods that are used during the race season or the contents of the game Assetto Corsa to gain an advantage over other participants. (It is allowed to install extra cars or tracks or skins, but forbidden to modify the local conditions in a way that they would be different for one person.)
    4. ROS is accepting non obligatory donations from participants that are interested in supporting our league. Paypal link:
    5. Drivers are able to cancel their participation from the league or season at any time, but if they sign out during the ongoing season, they may not be able to sign up again to that season. Exceptions from that rule can be made only by Founder/Administration.
    6. Guide on how to sign up for the season may be found in FAQ tab on the webpage.

  4. Racing rules
    1. Basics
      1. To participate in ROS' races, every driver is required to install and turn on certain apps, listed below:
        1. Helicorsa/Car Radar. (Drivers that use VR are not required to have this mod activated, however it’s still advised to have it on)
        2. CrewChief - for VR users, however non-VR drivers can also massively benefit from using it.
      2. Track limits - set and governed at every session by the server-side software. You’ll be notified if exceeded.
      3. Drivers are responsible for respecting driving lines of other drivers and leaving necessary space where overlap exists.
      4. During overtaking - defender is allowed one direction change. Change of direction during braking is prohibited.
      5. Yellow flag requires drivers to drive with extra caution. Causing an avoidable collision during a yellow flag might be penalised by stewards.
      6. Blue flag warns about being lapped. Drivers are then required to give the space at the nearest convenient space when it's safe to do so.

    2. Pre-qualifying session
      1. Before every league race, drivers are obliged to participate in pre-qualifying session to determine the correct assignment to servers based on fastest valid times during prequalifying session.
      2. To be entered to the race, driver must have at least 10 valid laps completed - please see pre-qualifying table on the website. Please note, Stracker or vanilla laps might not count as valid - it's KMR that validates the laps.
      3. Start of Pre-qualifying session will be announced on ROS' website and Discord.
      4. Current prequalifying results and provisional server allocation will be show at the relevant event page on ROS' website.
      5. Pre-qualifying session are usually ending at 23:59.59 CET/CEST on the day before the official race.
      6. During pre-qualifying, drivers that are on "outlap" are required to give space for drivers that are on "flying lap". If a driver will not abide by this rule a penalty might be issued when accident is reported and documented.

    3. Qualifying
      1. Qualifying session starts on the race day at 20:40 and is 20 minutes long.
      2. If KMR is used and detects the cut, drivers are required to abandon the lap so it won't count as their best. They can do it by slowing down in a safe manner or make a deliberate track cut resulting in in-game cut message and lap invalidation message. Drivers caught by not following this rule will be penalised.
      3. During qualifying session drivers that are on "outlap" are obliged to make space for drivers that are on "flying lap". If a driver will not abide by this rule a penalty might be issued when accident is reported and documented.
      4. Using 'Back to pits' option is prohibited, except when the car is stationary in its own pit box area or in pit lane level with the driver's pit box. If a driver will be found using this option outside pit boxes and then continuing the session (driving out of the pits), will be penalised.
      5. If during the qualifying session, the car will suffer major damage, driver is obliged to drive back to the pits in a manner that won't disturb other drivers on the track. If a car is impossible to drive back to the pits (destroyed engine, suspension etc.) and driver uses 'back to pits' option, such driver can't go back to the track and must wait until the end of the session.

    4. Race
      1. In the event of a false start, driver is obliged to do a 'drive through' through a pitlane during first 3 laps.
      2. To get points at the end of the race, driver has to drive at least 90% of the distance that was done by the race leader, rounded down.
      3. Using ‘Back to pits’ is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification from session. In case when the car is damaged or out from the track that it can't continue or similar, the driver should leave the session and finish it with DNF. It's allowed to use BTP after crossing the finish line after final lap of the race.
      4. Weather will be set dynamically before every race. At the pre-qualifying session the temp range will be provided and specific value will be revealed at race day.
      5. KMR allows for 6 track cuts. Any further cuts will require a drive-thru within 3 laps counting from the first exceeding cut.

  5. Teams
    1. Drivers able to create teams can do so. Each team must have 2 or 3 drivers to be included in official listings.
    2. Entire team should have similar car livery for easy identification during the race.
    3. Entire team must use the same car.

  6. Custom car liveries
    1. Custom car livery must have the visible ROS numberplate on both front doors/sides.
    2. Livery should also contain logo ROS.
    3. Livery cannot contain elements that are considered offensive, illegal or inappropriate.
    4. File with the car skin may not be bigger than 5MB after compressing and 10MB after unpacking.

  7. Penalties
    1. Penalties are given out by the panel of Stewards.
    2. Shortly after the race Drivers will be able to download the race replay, timestamps from which will have to be used when reporting incidents that happened during the race.
    3. Incidents can be reported within 72h from race finish and can be submitted only through official form on ROS' website.
    4. Penalty points that will be given out to Drivers, will add up throughout the whole season.
    5. Penalties can be awarded by Race Control during the live session too. Such penalties must be taken before session ends or the penalty message says otherwise.
    6. If a Driver gets a penalty, the amount of points that was given out will also reduce Driver's amount of points in 1:1 ratio. (For example, Driver got 60 points after the race, based from his finishing position and 5 penalty points – which means that in the end, he is left with 55 points in general standings.)
    7. Depending on the severity of the incidents, penalties and penalty points may be different for every incident.

      1-3 Penalty points (PP) – Unsportsmanlike driving. (Corner cutting, running opponent off the track, incorrect defending from the other Driver.)
      2-5 PP – Causing a minor avoidable collision (Collision in which the injured party suffered insignificantly – running out of the track, light damage)
      3-7 PP – Causing a moderate avoidable collision (Collision in which the injured party suffered moderately – loss of aero, loss of a many positions, collision with other Drivers)
      4-9 PP – Causing a major avoidable collision (Collision in which the injured party suffered majorly – being part of a pile-up or unvoluntarily running other Drivers off the track caused by a collision with other Driver)
      3 PP - Ignoring blue flags.
      5 PP - Having lags that prevent safe racing or causing a collision when lagging.
      3 PP - Illegal waving during formation lap.
       2 PP - Blocking driver on a hotlap when on a inlap/outlap during qualifying session.
      1 PP - Crossing the pit entry/exit line while two wheels are still on the correct side of the line during the pit lane entry/exit maneouvre.
      3 PP - Crossing the pit entry/exit line with all wheels during the pit lane entry/exit maneouvre.

    8. Penalty points will be multiplied by different value depending on the server the driver was on:
      1. Platinum - 3.0x base penalty.
      2. Gold - 2.0x base penalty.
      3. Silver/Bronze - 1.0x base penalty.
    9. Stewards have the right to classify certain incidents differently than it's written above as some accidents are not always fitting in those frames. The amount of PP that the Driver will get is based solely on the judgement of the Stewards.
    10. Penalties given out by the Stewards may alternate between warning and disqualification. (DSQ must be approved by the Founder)
    11. Drivers have the right to appeal the the given penalty, at the maximum of 48 hours from the release of incident rulings.

  8. Voice communication
    1. It is recommended that drivers that partake in a race were present on a Discord server during race time. Presence on voice channel is optional, but encouraged.
    2. Terms of use of a discord server can be found on Discord in the channel #regulamin/rules.
    3. During race and qualifying sessions, Drivers that are present on the voice channel, should limit their talking. (No screaming, no excessive talking, etc.)

  9. Final provisions
    1. In the event of situations that weren't described in this document, decision may be made by Founder/Administration.
    2. This terms can also be altered, timestamp of the last change made is shown below.
    3. In case when these racing regulations are in conflict with specific season regulations - season regulations are taking priority.

Terms agreed and added on 21.12.2019 by Founder.