Polska Liga Esportowa X Republic Of Simracers TCR Cup

START DATE 13.10.2019 RACE DAY Saturday


Alfa Romeo Gulietta TCR


Audi RS3 TCR


Ford Focus TCR


Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR


Honda Civic TCR


Subaru WRX TCR


Lada Vesta TCR


Hyundai i30N


Peugeot 308 TCR


Opel Astra TCR



TCR is back big style! More cars, more tracks, more action... Here's Polska Liga Esportowa X Republic Of Simracers TCR Cup

Together with Polska Liga Esportowa we've prepared a season that we're really proud of. We've teamed with Aorus, Play, Lotto, Logitech!

Similarly to our first TCR season we'll be using cars from great italian modder. However this time we have extra cars such as Lada Vesta or Hyundai i30. There's 9 cars to choose from and all are stunning. Likewise in Season 4 - this paid mod is available to our drivers for free.

All cars are relatively simple to drive so door to door fight is very possible. 330BHP and low weigh make them very agile too. Here's the full list of cars:

  • Alfa Romeo Gulietta TCR
  • Audi RS3 TCR
  • Ford Focus TCR
  • Honda Civic TCR
  • Hyundai i30N TCR
  • Lada Vesta TCR,
  • Opel Astra TCR
  • Peugeot 308 TCR
  • Subaru WRX TCR
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Race format will also ensure fight - each round will comprise of two races, second one with inverted top 10. Here are the tracks:

  • R0 Tor Poznań
  • R1 Brands Hatch GP
  • R2 VIR North
  • R3 Red Bull Ring International
  • R4 Hockenheimring Short
  • R5 Nurburgring Sprint (Formula)
  • R6 Paul Ricard WTCC

To join the fun you'll need a PC version of Assetto Corsa and a couple of DLCs:

  • Red Pack (for Red Bull Ring track)
  • Dream Pack 3 (for Brands Hatch track)

R0 - starts this Saturday.


2x12 okr

18 Oct 21:00

Tor Poznań


2x13 okr

26 Oct 21:00

Brands Hatch - GP


2x12 okr

09 Nov 21:00

VIR North Course


2x16 okr

16 Nov 21:00

Red Bull Ring National


2x17 okr

30 Nov 21:00

Hockenheimring Short


2x13 okr

07 Dec 21:00

Nurburgring - Sprint (Formula)


2x13 okr

14 Dec 21:00

Paul Ricard WTCC



  1. Season Polska Liga Esportowa X Republic Of Simracers TCR Cup will be using Assetto Corsa game on PC.
  2. Season is organised and governed by Republic Of Simracers, registered in Great Britain, owned by Andrzej Wasielewski.

    Duration and registration
  3. Registration for this season starts on 14/10/2019 (which also means the start of the season itself) and finishes with the race on 14/12/2019
  4. To participate in this season you must have a copy of Assetto Corsa on Steam and register for this event on ROS’ website.
  5. Signing up for PLE x ROS TCR Cup means that you’re accepting the privacy policy and season terms.

    Determining the winners
  6. Winner of the season will be the driver with the highest number of points after deducting all penalties (including final race).
  7. In case of a points draw the driver with a higher track position in a last round will be the winner.

  8. Prizes are sponsored by Fantasy Expo Sp. z o.o., based in pl. Świętego Macieja 21/2A, 50-244 Wrocław, registered in Rejestr Przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego by Sąd Rejonowy for Wrocław-Fabryczna, VI Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under KRS: 0000496522, identified by: NIP: 8971796193, REGON: 022340859.
  9. Prizes are available for top 3 drivers in general standings at the end of the Season:
    - First place: 6000 PLN gross
    - Second place: 3000 PLN gross
    - Third place: 1000 PLN gross
  10. Prizes will be paid within 60 working days counted from passing the full details (name, address of tax body and bank account number) to Organiser. Prize will be paid in PLN and converted to destination currency at bank rate from the day of the transfer.

    Qualifying and race
  11. Qualifying session will start on the race day and will last for 20 minutes.
  12. Each round will comprise of 2 races, duration of which will be determined in laps. Points will be awarded for each race.
  13. Driver order during the second race will be determined by finishing order of first race, except top 10 which will be reversed in order.

  14. Season calendar:
    - R0 Tor Poznań (2x12 laps) 19/10/2019 (not counting towards Driver/Constructor Standings)
    - R1 Brands Hatch GP (2x13 laps) 26/10/2019
    - R2 VIR North (2x12 laps) 09/11/2019
    - R3 Red Bull Ring International (2x16 laps) 16/11/2019
    - R4 Hockenheimring Short (2x17 laps) 30/11/2019
    - R5 Nurburgring Sprint (Formula) (2x13 laps) 07/12/2019
    - R6 Paul Ricard WTCC (2x13 laps) 14/12/2019

  15. Season's cars:
  16. - Alfa Romeo Gulietta TCR (BOP - 9/2)
    - Audi RS3 TCR (BOP - 9/2)
    - Ford Focus TCR (BOP - 9/2)
    - Honda Civic TCR (BOP - 9/2)
    - Hyundai i30N TCR (BOP - 7/0)
    - Lada Vesta TCR (BOP - 5/0)
    - Opel Astra (BOP - 5/0)
    - Peugeot 308 TCR (BOP - 4/0)
    - Subaru WRX TCR (BOP - 9/2)
    - Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR (BOP - 0/0)
  17. BOP (Balance of Performance) shown above is in Balast/Restrictor format and might be adjusted.
  18. Cars can be changed until R1. (when PREQ R1 finishes to be precise)

  19. Server settings
    TC - Factory
    ABS - Factory
    SC - Off
    Damage - 70%
     Fuel usage - 100%
    Tire usage - 100%

  20. 6 track cuts are allowed. More will result with a drive-thru penalty to be taken in the next 3 laps from the first cut above the limit.
  21. Penalty points will be multiplied by different value depending on the server the driver was on:
    Platinum - 5.0x base.
    Gold - 4.0x base.
    Silver - 3.0x base.
    Bronze - 2.0x base.
    Copper/Iron - 1.0x base.

    Postanowienia końcowe
  22. Car liveries should contain both ROS and PLE logos. Those can be sourced from our downloads section.
  23. Administrator is registering the right to add "special guests" to starting lists (max 5 drivers) who will be racing in their own class. All flag rules and other racing regulations are applying as normal.

Terms above agreed on 14.10.2019. Last update: 14.10.2019.

Above Season Terms are extension of the Racing Regulations. All rules written in Racing Regulations document are still applying to this event. In case of a rules conflict, rules written in above Season Terms are taking priority.

Read ROS Racing Regulations

Points table will be announced after R0.

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Brands Hatch - GP